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The second book in The MacArthur Family Chronicles

The Earl's Childe

My chore after dinner is to feed my kelpie.  A kelpie, if you don't know, is a carnivorous faerie horse. Until I accidentally gave him a piece of my soul, this particular kelpie had killed two kids near the hundreds-of-years-old castle my family and I live in.


Heather MacArthur had a hard enough time dealing with the arrival of a kelpie into her life, but that was only the beginning. Summoned as liaison between humans and faerie, Heather is informed by the fey nobles that another danger has arrived in the area and is claiming rights to the MacArthur lands: a particularly mad daoine síth named Calbraith, that even the kelpie finds "cruel and unusual." As luck would have it, twenty students have also just arrived at the MacArthur family castle for her mother’s riding camp. It will take Heather, her whole family, the royal family, and a few friends she didn't realize she had, to keep Calbraith from enslaving—or killing—all of them.

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